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While working as a climbing guide in the stunning Ha Long Bar region of Vietnam, Sander DiAngelis became immersed in the international community of climbers that made the sport of climbing so special to its members. Upon returning, Sander found a severe lack of community and personal connection with online climbing retailers in the United States. This was the beginning of Moja Gear, a community-powered hub for rock climbing content and gear.

By focusing on the community and content of the site first, instead of using a product driven approach, Moja Gear is creating a strong sense of loyalty towards their brand and are becoming the one-stop shop for all climbing needs. DiAngelis and his co-founder Natalie Siddique have had a strong presence at the SLO Hothouse since joining the Accelerator program one year ago. After completing the Accelerator program, they joined the Incubator, became an SBDC client, and have consistently met with counselors and advisors to push their business model forward. Using a low-cost model, holding no inventory, and having the content community submitted has allowed Moja Gear to grow rapidly over the past year. In addition, working closely with SBDC Consultant Dan Weeks on Search Engine Optimization enabled Siddique to develop the content and community side of the business with major impact. MojaGear currently has over 17,000 social media subscribers and 12,000 monthly visitors. Center Director Judy Mahan assisted Moja Gear in reviewing their corporate governance documents, setting up their Stock Option Plan, as well as negotiating the terms of their Retail Partnership Agreement with their strategic partner The Mountain Air. Working closely with Mahan, Moja Gear was able to obtain a convertible promissory note for $75,000, which has allowed them to invest in better development of their site and a stronger marketing plan. Quickly growing, Moja Gear is becoming the go-to site for the climbing community!

  • Client Moja Gear
  • Date September 9, 2014
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