Steadfast Innovation

In 2011, during his senior year at Cal Poly, Andrew Hughes envisioned a better way to take notes. At that time, everyone was still using pen and paper or typing notes into their laptop. Hughes, an Electrical Engineer Major, wrote his master’s thesis on Active Pens and knew that the application of this technology was largely untapped. Hughes incorporated his knowledge in Steadfast Innovation’s first app, Papyrus; a natural handwriting note-taking app that you use just like paper, but with the flexibility and advantages of modern technology.

Steadfast Innovation, LLC has benefited from the Cal Poly SBDC resources from the beginning. While still in the prototype stage, Hughes reached out to the SBDC to learn about team dynamics, which helped him pick and establish a good relationship with his co-founder, and led to Hughes connecting with a graphic designer. Later, Hughes learned to refine his pitch and complete a business plan during Kauffman’s FastTrac® TechVenture™ program, facilitated by the Cal Poly SBDC. Additionally, SBDC Consultant, Sheldon Sheridan, helped Steadfast Innovation, LLC select the best legal entity to incorporate as, while Cal Poly’s SBDC Director Judy Mahan, oversaw the legal aspect of the incorporation.

In March of 2012, Steadfast Innovation, LLC launched the Android version of their Papyrus App on the Google Play store. Soon after, Papyrus received an Honorable Mention Award in a Samsung app contest. Steadfast Innovation, LLC continued building this relationship with Samsung, resulting in multiple development contracts. In September of 2013, Nokia flew Hughes to Abu Dhabi to present the Windows version of his App at their Nokia World conference. At this time, Papyrus had around 200,000 active users. These corporate partnerships, as well as the App being featured by Google Play, helped boost the awareness of Papyrus and thus the number of downloads. As of August 2015, Papyrus had well over two million total downloads and the company has been financially viable for over three years. Hughes and his co-founder already have one full-time employee and three part-time employees.

  • Client Steadfast Innovation
  • Date October 27, 2014
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