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WhiteFox Defense Technologies, Inc.

WhiteFox was started by two college students who loved drones. After using and studying drones for several years, co-founder Luke Fox created DroneFox Tactical. DroneFox is a system that can detect, analyze, intercept, redirect, and land intruder drones from miles away, giving first responders the power to enforce the law safely and legally, with no special training and no collateral damage. This technology is revolutionary, and currently there is nothing on the market like it.

WhiteFox first became a SBDC Client during the summer of 2016, when Luke began coworking in the Cal Poly CIE SLO HotHouse. Since then, the team has received consistent support to fast-track their success. In June, the SBDC helped WhiteFox set up a Quickbooks account to manage and forecast expenditures and fundraising goals. The SBDC legal consultants advised and educated the WhiteFox team on their incorporation process and convertible notes. The SBDC connected Luke with Cal Poly business students that spent over 100 hours conducting research in customer development, preparing financial models, improving pitch decks, and creating fundraising material for WhiteFox. Most recently, Luke participated in the SBDC Launchpad program, where he pitched to a room full of business professionals that gave him the advice and critique he needed to polish their investor slidedeck. Now the company has raised $170,000 to date, in less than a year from inception.

WhiteFox Defense Technologies currently boasts three full-time and 12 part-time employees, along with a core advisory board. Luke states that the “SBDC has helped guide us towards quality resources, especially people. Half of our advisory board and soon-to-be corporate officers will be SBDC referrals.”

WhiteFox has big plans for the near future. The team leased and renovated a local building close to downtown San Luis Obispo, where they are in the midst of setting up space for R&D and production. Luke is currently beginning a Series A equity financing round in to raise $5 million to begin manufacturing, with plans to hire local individuals to manufacture his designs out of their warehouse. The SBDC is continuing to advise WhiteFox on securing strong partnerships, especially with law enforcement agencies, as the company continues to grow and develop.

  • Client WhiteFox Defense Technologies, Inc.
  • Date January 5, 2016
  • Tags Business to Business
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