This year, six brilliant companies are participating in AngelCon.
Meet each of our talented companies: 

Meet Altas Alpha Inc.:

They’re building marketplaces that are disguised as social networks. Their first product is for the board game industry and has over 125,000 Monthly Active Users discussing their passion and buying products resulting in $200,000/month in sales for their partner retailers. They are launching into 4 new verticals later this year and are aiming to grow to 400 verticals through a proprietary API based solution by 2025.


   Trent Ellingsen // CEO

   Trent will be pitching Atlas Alpha Inc. at AngelCon 2020. 

Meet Baby Barista:

Baby Barista simplifies the infant feeding experience and reduces bottle prep time by more than 90%. The company has developed and patented a system of products including an aseptic bottle maker, formula by subscription, and a connected mobile app. With Baby Barista, parents can prepare the perfect bottle in less than 30 seconds, track their baby’s feedings, and manage their formula supply, all from a mobile device. No more trips to the grocery store, no more messy tubs of powder, no more boiling water on the stove. Baby Barista delivers an unmatched customer experience for the emerging millennial and Gen-Z parenting generation.

   Cara Armstrong (left) // Founder and CEO
   Rob Shalhoub (right) // COO

   Cara and Rob will be pitching Baby Barista at AngelCon 2020.

Meet Green Light Labs:

Green Light Labs provides an app that coaches users through their car buying journey. Based on exclusively licensed tech from the US Department of Energy, their approach delivers highly personalized car comparisons for users, based on their own driving, in a way that readily scales to millions. With their app, Green Light Labs provides their B2B clients with an effective channel to engage with their customers – car buying users. This is a $14B annual opportunity in the US market. Before on-boarding sales or marketing staff, they have secured $1.4M in revenue and their clients are converting to annually recurring contracts. They’re determined to fix LA’s smog, and climate crisis globally, by driving the uptake of greener cars.


   Samveg Saxena, Ph.D // CEO

   Sam will will be pitching Green Light Labs at AngelCon 2020.

Meet memwris

memwris empowers you to conduct work from your phone when you need to. Their patent pending mobile touchscreen user interface (UI) completely rethinks how you interact with your device to maximize the potential of your small screen, giving you true accuracy and efficiency for the first time. The initial memwris product will enable programmers to code on their phones without reaching for a laptop.


   Charlotte Maumus // CEO and Co-founder

   Charlotte will be pitching memwris at AngelCon 2020.

Meet Spero Renewables:

Spero Renewables is a green chemistry company that develops technologies for plant-based alternatives to products manufactured with petrochemicals. Spero utilizes its proprietary technology to unlock the resources of readily available biomass for making environmentally friendly, and cost efficient products.  With the Spero technology, just like with petroleum, there are hundreds of products that can be made. Our two initial applications are plant-based natural vanilla and recyclable plastics.

  Ian Klein, PhD // CTO
  Mahdi Abu-Omar // Founder and President

   Ian and Mahdi will be pitching Spero Renewables at AngelCon 2020.

Meet WizeFi:

WizeFi is an intelligent software solution that was created out of necessity when CEO, Sean Allen, needed a better way to help financial planning clients make the most of their money each month. His formula proved to help people eliminate debt 78% faster, increase future net worth by more than 300%, and put clients on a path to financial freedom as much as 15 years before they were even old enough to collect social security. With Millennials on average having a respective net worth 34% lower than the previous generation due to consumer debt and no savings, WizeFi is designed with their habits, features and AI technology needs in mind.


   Sean Allen // CEO and Co-founder

   Sean will be pitching WizeFi at AngelCon 2020.

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