Cal Poly’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) Small Business Development Center (SBDC) will virtually host six brilliant tech-driven startups in a pitch competition on April 21 to win $100,000+ in equity-backed funding.
This annual event is propelled by a dedicated group of angel investors interested in investing in early-stage startups in exchange for ownership equity or convertible debt. These investors have strong involvement in the evaluation, due diligence, and selection process of AngelCon applicants leading up to the live event.

Applications are now open for Central California startups to participate in the fifth annual AngelCon 2022!
This event provides a chance for startups to win equity funding of $100,000+. Previous winners have collectively won $365,000 and received approximately $1.6M in follow-up investments.

Your startup must:

  1. Demonstrate a completed proof of concept with an MVP and/or early revenue.
  2. Have potential for scalability and high growth.
  3. Have a team with the ability to execute.
  4. Be based in Central CA or affiliated with the Cal Poly CIE Incubator or SBDC program

Applications are open until January 21, 2022 at midnight.

Deadline: Midnight Jan 21

Angel Investors propel early-stage startups by investing money in exchange for ownership equity or convertible debt. The SBDC has generated an investment fund financed by local individual investors.

Contribute to our local economy by becoming an active investor and learn to spot groundbreaking new business ventures and innovative technology.

If you are interested in joining the next fund, please contact angelconference@gmail.com.

Deadline: Midnight Jan 21

Past Winners of AngelCon

Tallyfor Inc, 2021

The first collaborative, cloud-native app in a $2.8B market: US business income tax. Tallyfor is cloud software that helps move data from source transactions to IRS filing. Tallyfor enhances online accounting software with the ability to complete business taxes.

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Atlas Alpha, 2020

Atlas Alpha leverages social networks into profitable marketplaces, fueled by forum experts through a proprietary Application Programming Interface (API) based solution. Atlas began their journey in the board game industry and to date and has over 125,000 monthly active users, resulting in $200,000 monthly sales for their partner retailers.

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De Oro Devices, 2019

De Oro Devices makes mobility assistive devices to help people walk confidently.They use research-backed sensory cues to help people with mobility disorders walk with improved step symmetry, step length, and confidence.

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tallyfor peter wen headshot
Peter Wen, Tallyfor

Winning AngelCon 2021 and the investment capital is going to launch Tallyfor into growth mode. The tax industry was ripe for disruption of sorts — tax preparation needs to move out of the age of dinosaurs and into the 21st century. We’ve solved this problem, a problem that will save accounting firms time and money. We are humbled to be awarded the $145,000 and look forward to guidance from the investor team.

About the 2021 Conference

In 2021, the CIE Small Business Development Center (SBDC) held its fourth annual Central California Angel Conference. Working with a group of 30 investors who participated in Fund 4, we raised $145,000. From September 2020 through June 2021, the group met monthly to prepare for selecting top-tier startups for investment.

At the 2021 pitch competition:

  • Six startup finalists pitched
  • 170+ local business community members attended
  • $145,000 was invested in Tallyfor, Investment Choice Winner
  • $1,000 was awarded to Armadillo Designs, Audience Choice Award Winner
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