The Central California SBDC Network is an accredited member of America’s SBDC.

Accreditation, why does this matter, and what does it mean?

No other publicly-funded Technical Assistance program undergoes the accountability examinations and review that SBDCs receive to ensure management strength, financial accountability and economic impact. Accreditation is critical for the Central CA SBDC Network to continue to partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration. It is also essential for America’s SBDC Network to be recognized as a high quality small business assistance and economic development organization that meets the needs of local businesses.


The Accrediting Committee is comprised of 20 state and national SBDC directors and associate directors who examine SBDCs against a comprehensive set of standards that determine a quality program. This review process helps to eliminate inconsistencies between nationwide network of 62 programs, and creates a standard that defines excellence while providing an approach to achieve high performance. Accreditation sets SBDCs apart from other providers of small business assistance.

The criteria (standards) are derived from the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence. The standards are used to assess and then improve performance on the critical factors that drive success.

The SBDC is evaluated in seven key areas:

      • ◼ Leadership
        ◼ Results & Outcomes
        ◼ Program Delivery & Management
        ◼ Workforce Focus
        ◼ Measurement, Analysis, Knowledge Management
        ◼ Customer & Stakeholder Focus
        ◼ Strategic Planning

To learn more about the accreditation process please call us at (888) 842-3415.