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Three Key Principles to Help Your Business Work for You (SCORE)

Zoom Webinar Online, San Luis Obispo, CA, United States

What do you do when your business takes over your time and money? What happens when hard work isn’t enough to get it back? It’s time for your business to help you live the life you want instead of taking it away. In this webinar, our expert presenter will show you how to build a business that works for you by developing yourself as a leader, creating an environment for your team to take on more tasks, and putting systems in place that produce consistent results. Here is what you'll learn: Gain the understanding of what, why, and how to develop and sustain a growing business How to become the best leader and why it is the linchpin to success Develop the skills to find and retain employees Implement a systematic approach to satisfying your clients ABOUT THE PRESENTER(S) I sold my company in 2011. I was fortunate enough to have a great team that grew to the top 3% in our industry organization. I believe in creating an environment in an organization where everyone can thrive, financially and professionally. I have been speaking, hosting workshops, and coaching business and life development for the last 10 years. Sharing my experience and guiding owners are so... Domenic A Chiarella SCORE […]

SCORE: Start with WHY to Drive SUCCESS!


o effectively grow personally, professionally, and organizationally, you must know your WHY to be strategic and focused to achieve your personal and business goals. What does success mean to YOU and your ORGANIZATION? How do your personal and business goals align with your WHY? WHY and how are you investing your time and energy in activities to achieve the results YOU desire? By participating in “Start with WHY to Drive SUCCESS!”, individuals will have the opportunity to brainstorm their WHY and explore success strategies through an interactive discussion with a focus on these results and outcomes: Brainstorm your WHY and understand how purpose drives success Determine what SUCCESS means to you Explore goal setting and achieving strategies Identify your personal, professional, business, organizational goals Understand that applied knowledge is power Choose to invest your time and energy in activities to achieve the results YOU desire Workshop Presenter: Lisa Heintzelman,Illuminations Consulting Lisa Heintzelman is the President of Illuminations Consulting, founded in April 2000. She is an expert facilitator with a focus on achieving success through lifelong learning and continuous quality improvement. Lisa celebrates her passion of engaging withindividuals and teams as a business success consultant and coach centered onefficiency, effectiveness, and productivity, by […]