This year, six brilliant companies are participating in AngelCon.
Meet each of our talented companies: 

allthenticate logo

Allthenticate offers a unified identity management solution for both physical access control and digital authentication. Their products, which include both hardware and software, provide an all-in-one solution that allows employees to use the Allthenticator app on their phone to access doors, computers, and services in their workspace in a secure, flexible way.

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armadillo designs logo

Armadillo Designs created a customizable truck shell that has a convertible roof. This allows customers to easily access their belongings, store larger items when needed, and keep everything safe from the elements and being stolen.

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spinshot logo

Spinshot’s mission is to create simple technology that changes the way products are displayed on the web. SpinShot is uniquely positioned to be the only company in the industry to provide both software and hardware as a service; both under a monthly recurring revenue model.

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tallyfor logo

The first collaborative, cloud-native app in a $2.8B market: US business income tax. Tallyfor is cloud software that helps move data from source transactions to IRS filing. Tallyfor enhances online accounting software with the ability to complete business taxes.

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trees logo

Trees platforms how people adapt to new situations. They walk people along the path from problem to solution, using AI to select custom plans for every user. Their first app uses this platform for university student success and retention.

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wizefi logo

WizeFi is money management software for personal finances. They guide people to make smarter financial decisions, eliminate debt (quickly & permanently), and grow their investment savings.

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